Saturday, January 3, 2009

I Just Realized....

I was just looking over my blog and noticed that I didn't post ANYTHING in the month of December.....shame on me! Things were busy that month knowing that it is cold here in Iowa and that I needed a car.....BAD! So, set out on my search for one and found a little two door that was cheap enough to get us through the winter. As of May though my address will no longer be Iowa since we will be moving back to Kansas.....( I am 46 and a COMPLETE Momma's, my parents are older and I am one with a medical background and the ONLY one my Dad will listen to when it comes to certain things.

Anyways I do hope to start producing those scripts again.....I have posted two as of late....I do like those bears......I hope you stop by the store to see them.....and I hope you like.

Ta Ta for Now!

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